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This page is dedicated to the fuzzy friends that I have and have had over the years.

There is an Indian legend which says when a human dies there is a bridge they must cross to enter heaven. At the head of that bridge there awaits every animal that human encountered during their lifetime. The animals, based on what they know of this person, decide which humans may cross the bridge . . . and which are turned away . . .

Stormy and Gussy
Good Friends Stormy and Gussy.

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Freckles and Scratch
This is Freckles and Scratch. Freckles was Jim's favorite dog. She loved to go hunting. She taught my two sons to hunt with a dog. Gussy had a sweet disposition but was very protective.
She nursed Scratch when we got him as a kitten.

Here I am with my Windwalker. He was my baby and sired many puppies during his life. He was our first Great Dane.He lived to be eight years old. We still miss him after all these years.

Pound PuppiesThis is Jim and the "pound puppies". We rescued them from the Great Dane Society after the loss of Windwalker. They were skinny and abused but learned to love and trust. They told us Duke might not live, he was so under nourished. He lived to be 11 years old. We enjoyed their time with us.

Stormy was the best friend. He took in the stray sick kitty Gussy. He fussed over Thunder when he was a puppy. And he put up with me even when he thought I was being silly.

Thunder went to Florida with us in the motor home for 3 years. He made some good friends.
Gussie stayed with us 2 years after we lost Stormy she left us September 25, 2007. She loved Stormy and Thunder, she was a good Kitty.

Best Friends
Thunder left us in December 2009 I like to think they are all waiting for me on the rainbow bridge.
My Stormy Dog will be missed

This page added 8/1/2005 in memory of my Stormy. I have added to it when we lost other loved pets, last was 1/2010.