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The Original McCools/Macool's

This is William Michael Macool born Philadelphia Pa. 1858 d. 1953 (left standing) Earnest William Macool 1884-1957(right) William Michael McCool born August 1837 in Ireland sitting, holding Elva Adaliade Macool born 1904. William McCool married Clara Porst March 9, 1856 in Philadelphia, he came to the USA from Ireland in 1852,he lists his fathers place of birth as Scotland and his mothers as Ireland.

William Michael Macool b. 1858 Married Adalaide Moore of Virginia. Adalade's mother was a Purvis, a very prominent family in the South. Adaliade's maternal grandmother was Nancy Burnett of Nelson Co. Virginia. The Burnett family goes all the way back to John Burnett of Aberdeen Scotland who in 1638, King Charles I granted a Charter to to be SOLE MERCHANT OF OUR KINGDOM OF SCOTLAND in the new world. The Burnett's were known as THE BURNETTS OF LEYS.

Anna Kirst Macool(1902-1975)and Elmer A. Macool (1900-1969)

This is Mommom and Poppup Macool, they were the best grandparents according to my husband. And the sweetest people I ever met. They had two children Muriel and Elmer A. and many grandchildren. Muriel married Mickey McNally.

Anna Kirst Macool and son Duke

Elmer Ayers (Duke)Macool (1918-2008).
Pictures taken during WWII in 1943. Elmer (Duke) is the son of Anna Kirst and Elmer A. Macool Sr.

Duke and Isabelle

Isabelle Donnelly and Elmer Ayers Macool.
Elmer (Duke) Macool is the son of Elmer Macool Sr. and Anna Kirst first of Philadelphia and in later years Cape May Court House New Jersey.
Elmer Sr. was the youngest son of William Michael Macool and Adalaide Moore of Nelson Co. Virginia. William Michael's parents were William McCool and Clara Porst . Adalaide decended from Allan Aquilla Moore and Anne Purvis

Duke and Louise

Here is a picture of Duke and his wife Louise as they looked in 2003. They enjoyed a long retirement near the shore in Wildwood NJ.
Duke left us April 25, 2008.
Louise Rose nee Striano followed her love May 21st 2008.
God Gave us An Angel

God gave us an angel right here on earth,
She took care of dad for all she was worth,
She guided him through life and was his light,
She always was there to make sure things were right.

She stood by his side when things were rough,
She told him in bad times he need to be tough.
She was there when he needed her throughout all the years,
She laughed with him in happy times, and comforted his tears.

This angel on earth was sent from above,
She was paid not in wages, but with all our love.
She was dad's rock and protector, someone in whom he could confide,
And when dad's job was done, her love gone, she wished to be by his side.

She needed not a halo, or silken wings of grace,
She was devoted to dad always a smile on her face.
She followed him shortly, because she missed him so,
Her name Louise, the Macool family angel you know


James Macool Sr. (1943-2014)

Jim is the third child of Elmer (Duke) Macool and Isabelle Donnelly.
His brothers and sisters are : Maryanne Macool McCart, William Macool, Muriel Macool Carolifi, Helen Macool Wilson, Michael Macool and Isabelle Macool.

He and I have been married and friends most of our lives together we have two sons and five grandchildren. Our two sons are James Jr. and Richard Patrick.

Grandchildren Jason, Airielle, Gabrielle, and Shelbie and our newest born July 18, 2000 Shaelyn Michelle Macool.

This photo was taken of us in the fall of 2001

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