A little about me.

This page is about me. I have done quite a few things in my life, I am most proud of being a wife and mother and now grandmother. But here are some of the things that have made me what I am today.


I had polio at the age of three. I was hospitalized at the Betty Bacharach Hospital in Long Port NJ. This was an article that was in the Atlantic City Press at that time. I was chosen all time "mascot" of the Shriners and Masons.

The Dancer

After I recovered from the Polio my mom enrolled me in the Sena School of Dance in Philadelphia to try and regain some of the muscles that I had lost. I did fairly well and this picture was taken at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, I was fifteen at the time this picture was taken. I loved the ballet my favorite was "Swan Lake".
I returned to the Betty Bacharach Hospital to dance in a benefit for the hospital there were several "BIG" stars appearing in the show. Among them Jerry Lewis who now does the telethon to benefit MD.


I started college thinking that I was going to be an architect and artist. But that was not meant to be .I got a job in the construction field to help make ends meet.

Police Dispatcher

I then decided to try police work, and went to work for the Clayton Police Department. I was a dispatcher and a special officer. I did this for about four years then went back into construction.

I had been employed in the construction field for quite a few years when I had the opportunity to work in the Construction Office in the Township of Franklin in New Jersey.

I went to school at night and received my licenses in the Uniform Construction Code as a Building Inspector. I worked for the Department of Community Affairs State of New Jersey until I retired.


This is me as I am now.
Today I am interested in genealogy, astrology, construction, art, and computers, and many other things that I will think of after I am done making this page.
But as I said at the top of the page my home life is the most important.I have five beautiful grandchildren, and life is good.

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