This is a family mystery. Have you seen another picture like this?

This picture was borrowed from Cousin Marjorie's son.  On the back it says Uncle John and Aunt Lizzie - we don't know whose writing it is.  Then in parentheses it says (Mama & Papa's wedding picture).   Have you seen anything similar??  We think it is Lizzie Berninger, daughter of Harrison Berninger (1846-1931), but we don't know for sure.  It was in Cora's (Cora Adie Fincher),things apparently,  and Cora was a daughter of Araminta Berninger.

WE are not sure who the folks are in this picture. The picture came from a Berninger "cousin". It is very hard to see the people the quality is very poor, but if anyone knows who they are or has a photo like this please contact me. .

If anyone knows who these folks are please e-mail me. All of the new Berninger cousins I have found are trying to figure out who this is.

More will come later!

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