More Family Photo's

Here are some more family members.


Isaiah Berninger was the son of Aaron Berninger, who left Catawissa, PA for Lancaster, Illinois in 1856. He is a descendent of Jacob Berninger.

Ira Berninger

Ira was my grandmothers brother.He served aboard the USS Tennassee, this picture was taken in May 1904. He married Bertha last name unknown. .

Bertha Bowen Berninger

Here is a picture of Bertha, Ira's wife. I have very little information on her except that she lived in Swissvale and died Jan 15, 1971.When she died she had four children, Ira, John, Harriet, and Margaret, eight grandchildren and one great grandson.

Alvin Berninger and Family

Alvin was my grandmothers brother. Pictured with him is his wife Mary Hazel Bitner and the child is probably their first child Charles Clayton Berninger this photo was taken around 1917 or 18.

This new information is from their great grandson Sam, who has been great for finding information that I missed.

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